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Welcome to a world where Nightmares become Reality.

Posted Friday, June 13, 2014 by Rendalee Singleton

FOR NIGHTMARES is an anthology of films where nightmares can come true.

The time has come to announce our next project!!!  From the mind of author Dennis McDonald and the stories of 13 NIGHTMARES comes FOR NIGHTMARES. A horror anthology that will leave you second guessing your desires to go to bed, four stories of nightmares come to life.  Join Stranger Mornings along with Anjanette Clewis in our journey of creating these horrifying tales.

You can order Dennis’ book at this link:!13-nightmares/c2ig

Andrew Sensenig Image

Andrew Sensenig

Andrew Sensenig is joining our cast as Broscoe. Andrew starred in our previous feature, “The Soul Gatherer”, played the enigmatic Sampler in Shane Caruth’s “Upstream Color”, and has just finished filming “Id: Don’t Look In The Basement 2″, which he produced and stars in. Andrew has been working steadily for the last decade in films and TV shows such as “Burn Notice”, “W”, and “The Last Exorcism – Part 2″, and we are pleased to work with him again.

Edwin Neal

Edwin Neal

Mr. Neal has over 30 years’ experience as an actor in movies and on stage, as well as lending his voice to a variety of video games. You will know him from his classic portrayal of the Hitchhiker in the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. He has also appeared in “JFK”, “Future-Kill” and “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”, consistently entertaining us in a variety of genres through the years. He has multiple new movies coming out soon and has honored us by joining our cast.

Greg Ingram Image

Greg Ingram

Greg Ingram is joining our cast as Mr. Henner. Greg started out in “Sin City” and will be in the upcoming “Sin City 2″. He also played Cristos in “Machete” and Forney in “Devotion”, and is a regular on the “From Dusk Til Dawn” television series, on the El Rey network. We are pleased for the opportunity to get to work with Greg in “For Nightmares.”

Anjanette Clewis Image

Anjanette Clewis

Anjanette Clewis is a beloved scream queen, popular at horror themed conventions for her roles in movies such as “Suburban Nightmare” and “Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen”.  Not only is she nursing Mr. Morley as Charlene, Anjanette is also making her Directorial Debut as well as Producing FOR NIGHTMARES. She first screamed and thrilled us in “American Nightmare”, and more recently has starred in “Through Hell” and “Pot Zombies 2: More Pot, Less Plot”.

Jill Whitlow

Jill Whitlow

Jill Whitlow starred in the cult classic “Night Of The Creeps”, and has also appeared in “Porky’s”, “Weird Science” and “Mask”, as well as regular and guest appearances on numerous television series.

Ashlie Rhey

Ashlie Rhey

Former Playboy model Ashlie Rhey starred in “Bikini Drive-In” and “Cannibal Taboo”, and also appeared in the award-winning film “Broken Vessels”. She also played Shannon Thornton in the Telley award winning cable television soap opera “Secrets”.

Harry Manfredini Image

Harry Manfredini

I am so excited to be able to make this announcement today of all days, on Friday the 13th. Harry Manfredini, prolific composer of horror film scores, has honored us with agreeing to score FOR NIGHTMARES. Harry Manfredini specializes in writing for horror films, but is also a song writer and jazz soloist. From his haunting dramatic scores for the “Friday the 13th” films, to his adventurous music for “The Omega Code”, Harry Manfredini has established himself as a motion picture music composer of wide variety.  We are so thrilled to have him on board.

Benjamin L Ward Image

Benjamin L. Ward

Benjamin L. Ward is a jack of all trades, director, producer, writer, cinematographer, editor and anything else needed on set. His passion however is directing. Over the last 8 years he has created over a dozen shorts and his first feature, “The Soul Gatherer”. There are many more exciting projects on the horizon, including this next feature FOR NIGHTMARES. Keep an eye out for more great things to come from Benjamin L. Ward.

Renda Singleton Image

Rendalee Singleton

Rendalee Singleton would then be the Jill of all trades, producing, wardrobes, props, craft services, and anything else you may need on set. By Benjamin’s side, over the last 8 years she has helped produce over a dozen shorts and her first feature, “The Soul Gatherer”. There are many more exciting projects on the horizon, including this next feature FOR NIGHTMARES.